The Importance of Aka Dua Frequencies

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The Importance of Aka Dua Frequencies

One of several great differences between Aka Dua and every other form of subtle energy healing system is the Aka Dua Frequencies.

While the full Aka Dua you receive as a Level One is impressive enough, generally considered by most practitioners to be the strongest form of energy they have ever worked with, advancing to Level Two essentially gives you a prismatice ability to separate the Aka Dua into all its constituent frequencies.  These you can use singly or in any combination to enhance the effects of whatever you are doing.  Specific frequencies have unique healing properties.  There are correspondences between the frequencies and the Chakra system, which can be used for healing, as well as to enhance the spiritual work being done by clients or yourself.

As a Level Two, all this becomes open to you, that wasn’t available as a Level One.  Advancing to Level Two also enhances the strength and power of your Aka Dua, a quantum leap above where it was as a Level One.  If it has been at least 28 days since you received your Level One Aka Dua transmission, join us on Saturday, September 23, in Mount Shasta, for a Level Two class.

Aka Dua Level II Course       Saturday, Sept 23rd, 10am – 1pm

$150 (Course and Level II Attunement)

$50 Course Only (If you already have your level 2 and would like to enhance your techniques with the Aka Dua Frequencies)


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