Aka Dua Training & Certification

There are Five Levels of Aka Dua Training possible. Each level enhances different skills and access to different aspects of the Aka Dua. Your work with Aka Dua begins with what is called a Level 1 Transmission. This involves someone who has been trained to Level 3 actually transmitting into your body the physical substance of the Aka Dua. After a Level 1 transmission, the Aka Dua substance becomes part of your body. Most people will naturally resonate with one, and sometimes a few of the 7 frequencies, though probably not all. You must use the Aka Dua daily for the first 14 days after your transmission for it to become a permanent part of you.

After 28 days of using the Aka Dua, you are able to receive a Level 2 Attunement. This adjusts the Aka Dua substance in your body so that you will be able to sense and control all seven of the Aka Dua frequencies.

A Level 3 Mastery Initiation adds the ability to transmit the Aka Dua to others, and to better use the Aka Dua for purposes of personal growth and development, if that is your intent. You do not necessarily gain any additional abilities to use the Aka Dua for healing, though by enhancing your own growth and development, your skill as a healer will probably grow as well.

Using the Aka Dua is a highly individual experience. While some systems of energy medicine can be very dogmatic in how they can and should be used, Aka Dua encourages the user to experiment and thereby add to the collective knowledge base.

Levels 4 and 5 are highly advanced, and are not possible to attain as an ordinary person. They require specific work and evolution in the use of energy and your spiritual makeup in order to handle these energies. At the present time, Levels 4 and 5 are available only by invitation.


Basic Aka Dua Manual

$ price

Overview of the history of Aka Dua and its links to the Toltec lineage. Discussion of the basics, including frequencies, and a variety of individual and group exercises for building proficiency with the Aka Dua.

Aka Dua Healing Guidebook

$ price

Aimed specifically at health care practitioners of all types, this is an in-depth look at how to use Aka Dua for healing, either as an independent modality, or to augment any existing skills you currently use.

Modern Physics and the Science of Energy Medicine


A systematic analysis of the problems of conventional biology, an introductory-level discussion of the development and principles of Modern Physics, and a review of a number of energy medicine systems and how modern physics principles apply to each. Includes discussions of Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Qi, and Aka Dua.


Aka Dua Level One Class

$ price

Summary of the basics of Aka Dua, its history, description and ties to modern physics. Complete summary of the Aka Dua exercises taught in the Level One class as an easy reference.

Aka Dua Level Two Class

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Focuses on the healing uses of the Aka Dua frequencies, and how to combine them in a therapeutic setting.

Aka Dua Level Three Class

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Summary of the material presented in the Level Three class, and includes the process of giving Level One transmissions and Level Two Attunements. Includes more advanced Healing techniques