Spiritual Uses of the Aka Dua

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is about using the Aka Dua for spiritual work.  It is generally well known that the Aka Dua is derived from the Toltec traditions, and that this represents a unique Shamanic path and system of philosophy.  Beyond that, however, a great deal of confusion and misinformation [...]

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How the Aka Dua manifests differently in each of us

A recent Aka Dua recipient emailed me a question about a dream she’d had, of a thick golden yellow fluid flowing out of her in almost unlimited quantities.  Initially, she was worried that she might have “lost” the Aka Dua energy.  I confirmed my initial interpretation with a short energetic meditation, then, I replied to [...]

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Aka Dua: An International Phenomenon

As many of you may know, the Toltec culture that gave us the Aka Dua was based in Meso-America: what is now southern Mexico into Central America.  What is poorly understood by historians, however, is that the Toltec culture was not a uniform genetic race.  Rather, is was what today we would call a multi-cultural [...]

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