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Spiritual Uses of the Aka Dua

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is about using the Aka Dua for spiritual work.  It is generally well known that the Aka Dua is derived from the Toltec traditions, and that this represents a unique Shamanic path and system of philosophy.  Beyond that, however, a great deal of confusion and misinformation [...]

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Why Add the Aka Dua to Your Healing Practice?

If you are a health care provider or healer of any type, you are probably very committed to providing the best possible care and services for your clients or patients. You study, read, take additional classes, network with colleagues, and continually attempt to upgrade the quality of what you do.

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How the Aka Dua manifests differently in each of us

A recent Aka Dua recipient emailed me a question about a dream she’d had, of a thick golden yellow fluid flowing out of her in almost unlimited quantities.  Initially, she was worried that she might have “lost” the Aka Dua energy.  I confirmed my initial interpretation with a short energetic meditation, then, I replied to [...]

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Aka Dua: An International Phenomenon

As many of you may know, the Toltec culture that gave us the Aka Dua was based in Meso-America: what is now southern Mexico into Central America.  What is poorly understood by historians, however, is that the Toltec culture was not a uniform genetic race.  Rather, is was what today we would call a multi-cultural [...]

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