Aka Dua: An International Phenomenon

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Aka Dua: An International Phenomenon

As many of you may know, the Toltec culture that gave us the Aka Dua was based in Meso-America: what is now southern Mexico into Central America.  What is poorly understood by historians, however, is that the Toltec culture was not a uniform genetic race.  Rather, is was what today we would call a multi-cultural society, with people literally from all over the world, studying and working together on higher spiritual principles.  Oral Toltec tradition states there were people from North and South America, Europe, Africa and China participating in the Toltec civilization.  In another blog post in the future I will present some of the archeological and other evidence that exists to support that traditional claim.

Here in Modern times in the 21st Century, Aka Dua is every bit as  much a multi-cultural phenomenon.  The modern Toltec Aka Dua lineage was founded by an El Salvadorian who lives in the United States and trained with a Native American in the Toltec lineage in Mexico.  It has been passed on to  me, an American of Scottish and Viking Ancestry. In turn, I have passed it on to  people from Japan, China, Canada and just this past week, to a woman living in France.  Her name is Dielle and she has very graciously agreed to share her experiences with the Aka Dua during the first 14 days of use as the Aka Dua settles in and fully combines with her atomic structure.  I hope you enjoy reading about her experiences as much as I am.

Aka Dua: An Ancient Healing Energy



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