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According to official historians, the Toltec culture disappeared in the late 900s AD, leaving nothing more than mysterious cities, impressive pyramids and rumors, still maintained, of an ancient culture of art and vast knowledge.  Imagine their surprise when, in the late 20th century, Toltec men and women of knowledge began to emerge from the shadows to reveal the secrets of a culture long kept hidden, deliberately to be shared at this point in history.

The ancient Toltec Shaman, men and women of knowledge, used a form of subtle energy they called The Power.  It enhanced everything they did, from healing to their art, to their spiritual work.  Over time, those who followed the Toltec paths of Knowledge became inseparable from The Power.

Starting in 2007, the Toltec Shaman Koyote the Blind released The Power to the world under a new name, the Aka Dua, which means “Innermost Light”.  The Aka Dua is now available to enhance everything you do –  healing, spiritual work, art, music, athletics, dance – virtually all fields of endeavor can benefit from your use of the Aka Dua.

Spreading the Aka Dua has now been passed on from Koyote to Dr. Arlan Cage, a retired Naturopath and Acupuncturist, who is committed that this ancient art be preserved and not lost to history.  Adding the Aka Dua to what you do may very well be the best thing you ever do.